Zombicide Black Murder of Crowz

Zombicide Black Murder of Crowz

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Crowz may be easy to kill, but these flying vermin can move awfully fast and, worst of all, they can ignore any obstacles, either flying over them or squeezing through broken windows, holes in the roof or gaps on crumbling walls!

Zombie Crowz only take 1 Wound to kill and grant 1 XP. Crowz have only one action per activation, but they can move up to 3 Zones per move action. But the worst part is, when they move, they ignore all obstacles. Ramparts, closed doors, even walls can't stand in their way! Once they set their target Zone, they fly straight towards it, without splitting or changing direction, and ignoring anything in their way. These winged devils will be pecking at you in no time, so you better be always prepared for them!

The Murder of Crowz box contains 15 Zombie Crowz miniatures, 12 spawn cards, and rules to play them.

Note: This item, although functioning in a similar way to Zombicide Box of Zombies Set #8: Murder of Crowz, does not expand Zombicide, and Zombicide Box of Zombies Set #8: Murder of Crowz does not expand Zombicide: Black Plague, because of the card backs. This entry allows for the correct items to be linked as expansions to the correct entries.