Museum: Peoples Choice Expansion

Museum: Peoples Choice Expansion

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The People have spoken...

What would a Museum be without the people that visit it? How would all these treasures shine if not through the eyes of all those that behold them? A Museum lives, and dies, by the will of the public.

In this expansion, you and your friends can battle it out for public acclaim as well adding a 5th player to your games of Museum!

In The Peopleb s Choice, youb ll be competing for a common objective that is drawn at the beginning of the game. For example: The b B.C.b card awards players with the most BC dated cards in their museum. The player with the most cards takes the Peopleb s Choice token and keeps it until another player amasses a bigger collection.

At the end of the game the player with the token earns bonus points! There are 10 different Peopleb s Choice cards, each one with different criteria: Date, value, regions and themes!

Additionally, by public demand, this expansion also includes the necessary material to play Museum with up to 5 players! This includes a Museum board and tokens for the base game, as well as all the elements necessary to play each of the expansions with up to 5 players. Also, for the Kickstarter version web ll be including an additional KS exclusive Discard tile.