Dragon Shield: Magic Carpet 500 - Yellow/Black

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Dragon Shield Yellow and deep Black interior.

To celebrate 20 years of Dragon Shield, we've created this exclusive anniversary product in Dragon Shield Yellow.
Dragon Shield Magic Carpet is a combined storage box and playmat that offers an easy and elegant way to store and transport cards. It features an exclusive tough 'Dragon Skin' exterior and a smooth satin lined interior combined with a strong magnetic seal to keep cards safe.
A Magic Carpet is made up of two separate elements that fit perfectly together: a rugged playmat which wraps tightly around the spacious storage box for a secure closure.

The Magic Carpet holds 24 Cube Shells or, 7 Standard Size Dragon Shield 100 ct. sleeve boxes or, 6 Dragon Shield Deck Shells. Without boxes it holds 1000+ unsleeved cards, 555+ single sleeved cards or 485+ double-sleeved cards. Fits Dragon Shield Strongboxes or a Four-compartment-box inside. Available in Light Grey, Blue, Black, Red and Green.

Product Material: Cardboard/PU cover w. Duchesse satin cloth + Polyester velvet-look cloth
Product Size: Measures 365x120x100mm.