Among Thieves

Among Thieves

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Among Thieves is a fast-paced card game of thievery, cunning and dishonorable deeds.

Each player takes the role of a thief, trying to prove his superiority over the others by amassing a greater fortune. Everyone starts with the same set of action cards and each turn selects two, placing them face-down in front of him. Then, starting with the Acting Master Thief (first player), all players take turns in revealing one of their cards and completing its effect. This is repeated for the second card. At the end of the round, if there is no winner, all players discard one action card and play continues in the same fashion.

Every action differs from the others - some allow you to gain gold by robbing innocent citizens, some let you sabotage the plans of other players, and - of course - one of the actions enables you to steal directly from the fortunes of other players.

Among Thieves is a game of constant interaction between players, offers a unique mixture of strategy and intuition, and gives you the chance to prove once and for all to your friends who the real Master Thief is.