Tide of Iron: Next wave

Tide of Iron: Next wave

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Tide of Iron: Next Wave was released under license by 1A Games in 2014. It is the second edition of Tide of Iron (which was first released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2007).

Tide of Iron: Next Wave and Tide of Iron are essentially the same game. Overall, Tide of Iron: Next Wave is much more informative and organized. The rules are improved with corrected errors which make it better than the rules found in the 2007 edition. Also, a few of the scenarios have been adjusted for better game play. These and other improvements make this edition better than the older edition. Also included in Tide of Iron: Next Wave are some additional and useful items that were later introduced to TOI in some of the game expansions. Because of these differences, the two products have different entries on BoardGameGeek. For more information about the older 2007 version of Tide of Iron, you can Click Here.

Tide of Iron is a game of World War II tactical conflict for two to four players. The components in this base game allow players to simulate the dramatic struggle that took place between American and German forces in Northern Europe during the years 1944 and 1945.

Tide of Iron is a scenario-based game, with the available forces, objectives, map, and victory conditions being set by each given scenario. It features loads of plastic figures, including soldiers, equipment, heavy weapons, and combat vehicles, cards, dice, cardboard markers, and modular game boards that will represent the customizable terrain of this scenario-based wargame.

The twelve double-sided map tiles, plus the dozens of included terrain hexes, allow for limitless potential combinations, and each scenario can be enhanced by special rules, objective markers, troop allotments, and other variations. The only limiting factor is your imagination!