The Expanse Boardgame: Doors and Corners Expansion

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The Expanse: Doors and Corners Expansion contains five (5) new modules that add an engaging element to the strategy and game play as players compete for dominance in the world of The Expanse. On top of that, you can use any number of modules in any combination in conjunction with the base game*! Want to only user the Leaders module? Awesome! Want to combine the New Tech, Resource Tokens, and Protomolecule modules? Even better!

The five modules included in this expansion are: Leaders, New Tech, Resource Tokens, Protomolecule, and Variable Setup. Leaders go with fleets and can add influence when they move with a fleet. New Tech allows variety and surprise in what powers are available. When a tech is earned you have a three random choices for that tech. Resource Tokens can be spent in several ways including helping to pay CP costs, adding AP to a card (max 4), moving up the initiative track, and earning bonus points for having the most at final scoring. Protomolecule adds a new scoring opportunity. Variable Setup allows fleets and influence to be placed anywhere at the start of the game.

The Expanse: Doors and Corners Expansion includes:

16 Action Cards
36 Tech Cards
4 Leader Standees
12 Power Play Sector Tokens
12 Power Play Point Tokens
16 Resource Tokens
1 Suppression Token
1 Protomolecule Standee
5 Base Destroyed Tokens
1 Resource Reference Card
1 Leader Reference Card
1 Protomolecule Owner Card
1 Revised Game Board & Ship Tokens
*Base game required to play with module(s).