Stay Out of My Dungeon!

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Stay Out of My Dungeon! is a semi-cooperative 4-6 player worker placement, hidden identity, building game that plays in about 60 minutes.

In Stay Out of My Dungeon! players take on the role of goblins trying to defend their dungeon from the greedy king Flumperdump. Each player, playing as 1 of 7 unique goblins, takes turns visiting and building various locations in and around their dungeon. From flame throwing turrets, to sharkodile moats, to poison traps, players must work semi-cooperatively to build each location to perfection before the King's royal guard shows up.

If all three primary defenses are constructed before the King's Royal Guard arrives, the Loyal goblin players win the game. If the Royal Guard reaches the dungeon before that happens, the hidden Spy will win.

Players achieve global and, more importantly, individual rewards for completing construction phases of a particular defensive structure. But beware! Your fellow goblins may not be as loyal as you! Each player has a hidden identity card and plays as either a Loyal Goblin, a Spy, a Selfish Jerk, or an Anarchist.