Pre-Order Deposit

Pre-Order Deposit

  • R 250.00
    Unit price per 

This product acts as a deposit for securing a pre-order. We will create a custom order for the remainder of the item's list price once it arrives - final prices are only known to us once the distributor receives it and therefore can fluctuate based on various factors. Keep in mind that we are very price-sensitive just as you are and determine list price based on actual cost price.

Please send an email to with the order number e.g. #1234MV and the name (link) of the product you would like to make a deposit towards.

Feel free to add multiple Pre-Order Deposit items to your order if needed and/or mix with regular in stock items.

Pre-Orders can be cancelled after 6 months after which you have the choice to continue waiting or ask for a refund. Refund option is your choice of the following, ranked according to our preference: 1) store credit 2) refund from PayFast, 3) EFT

Obviously we can't pre-order something that's not available for pre-order so please ensure the item you are pre-ordering is available - either via the pre-order section or some other pre-arranged agreement.

Lastly, there are instances where some games are available for pre-order yet don't show up in the pre-order section - please ask us :-)