Dragon Shield Nomad Travel & Outdoor Playmat - Midnight Blue

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PLAY ON THE GO • PICNIC FRIENDLY • QUICK SAVE Play on the go with Nomad - Travel & Outdoor Playmat. On the bus, the train or even while sitting on the back of a flying dragon, The NOMAD™ keeps your card in the game and on the playmat. The wide elastic band holds the folded NOMAD™ tight and keeps your deck in place during use. Clear, strong and elastic pockets make sure your cards don't leave the battlefield unintentionally. Use NOMAD™ to play outside even in windy conditions and when there's no game table around. Need to move on? Quick save! It's easy to move your game and save it for later - cards and counters will stay on the playmat. Next level accessories for the truly dedicated player. Same Tough as Scales quality that you have come to expect from Dragon Shield. • Product Material: Cardboard/PU cover w. Duchesse satin cloth + polypropylene (acid and PVC-free) • Product Size: 365x245x22mm